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At the beginning of Spring people gather to celebrate the Spirit of Life and Abundance that Nature provides. We are all children of Nature; the Earth that cradles us and the Sky that shelters us.  This transition is the perfect time to join together for Tai Chi to honor the flow of Nature, and to appreciate with sincere gratitude and joy all that Nature has given us.

Everyone please join us to do Tai Chi on this Lunar New Year, Year of the Rat celebration!!!
We will gather for Tai Chi to celebrate the coming of Spring at:


333 S Federal Blvd # 116

Denver, CO 80219

Saturday, 1/25/2020 at 1:00 PM

Lion Dance Schedule:
Saturday, 1/25/2020

11:00 AM - United Chinese Restaurant

3:00 PM - Jason Wine & Spirits

5:00 PM - Panang Thai

7:00 PM - Spice China Restaurant

Sunday, 1/26/2020

5:15 PM - United Chinese Restaurant

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For Lion Dances, please contact (720)935-5599
 For group and private lessons, please contact (719)640-5189