Ancient Taoist Medicine

Learn self Qi Massage and accupressure points pain relief, stress reduction, and improved Qi circulation.  Learn how to eat for health and longevity with Taoist nutrition.

Hung Gar Kung Fu & Chin Na

Kung Fu means "time and skill" or "hard work".  Chin Na is the Chinese martial arts of seizing and controlling an attacker, which involves targeting and attacking pressure points and locking joints.

Dao-In Taoist Yoga

The art of 'conducting physical energy.’ As a set of rhythmic movements, it is for personal adjustment, attunement, or refreshment. In the past, Dao In was taught only in select private circles to a few special disciples...

Taoist Qi Gong

Learning Qi Gong is to study about life energies, both internal and external life, to achieve immortality. Qi is a very common term in Chinese which means air, “life force”, “cosmic force”, “vital force” or “internal energy”.

Tai Chi

Life consists of cycles and circularity like the earth spinning on its axis, the four seasons, and the microcosmic energy network in the human body. All of the movements of Tai Chi are a series of circles, echoing the eternal cosmic laws

for Living Healthy with the Rhythm of Nature


Holistic Fitness |

Taoist Preventative Arts to Restore Balance

Taoist Meditation

Inner Smile meditation helps rejuvenate and increase the life force energy by transforming stress into vitality.  Microcosmic Orbit meditation uses the "inner eye" to guide Qi through the Microcosmic Orbit pathway and sprout the "seed of Immortality".

Southern Lion Dance

The lion is traditionally considered the soul of a Kung Fu School, and is believed to be a good omen.  Learn to play traditional Lion Dance musical instruments, and enhance your coordination, physical stamina and build teamwork skills. 

Kung Fu for Kids

This is the age to build foundational fitness for life!  Students will have a fun and active time learning basic Kung Fu techniques to build their strength (inside and out), improve their coordination and flexibility, and realize the benefits of focus and self-discipline. 

Whole Mind, Body and Spirit

Six Healing Sounds

Ancient Taoist masters, through observance of natural energy vibrations and voids in the inner universe, have created these Six Healing Sounds to quickly and effectively cool down the internal body (vital organs).