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Teaching Philosophy

Having learned in a traditional environment from both teachers, and the natural teachings of Lao Tzu which talks about the relationship between human and nature, Sifu Ha is a firm believer that ‘when a superior man holds his position, he holds the principle firm and does not let it go’.  He studies traditional cultivation of the physical body to support the spirit and mind through the Taoist Arts.  Through self-discipline, dedication, and daily cultivation of the mind and body, one will return to one's own original nature or the Tao within, as the tenets of Taoist and Buddhist philosophy are not only learned through theory but put into everyday practice as a ‘living philosophy’.  His teaching is very unique, based on the Taoist system of cultivating the body and the mind.  

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Whole Mind, Body and Spirit

Training Years

Around the age of seven, Sifu Ha always like to hang out at Guan Gong Temple in South Vietnam where he would receive some food from previous day offerings. Fortunately it is also where he found his first teacher, Master Hoang Ca Cuong, a Fukien-branch Shaolin monk who moved to Vietnam during China’s cultural revolution. Based on his humble character, Master Hoang Ca Cuong accepted him as a student in the traditional art of Hung Gar Kung Fu. Few years passed, Master Hoang Ca Cuong recognized his natural potential and sent him to study the Taoist healing arts under Master Li Wei Ming, daughter of a high-ranking Taoist priest in Fukien region of China, who also sought refuge in South Vietnam during China’s cultural revolution.

Holistic Fitness | Taoist Preventative Arts to Restore Balance

Teaching Years

Sifu Ha began teaching in 1982 under special request from local government to promote health for their employees through Taoist Qi Qong. In 1986, he immigrated to the USA where he continued his teachings in Oregon at Linfield College and local senior citizen centers to promote health and natural healing. On his free time, he also taught Tai Chi at a local Okinawa Karate dojo, owned by his close friend, Peter Akimo. In 1996, he moved to Colorado where he continued his teachings at Nhu Lai Buddhist Temple in Denver, and subsequently established the Tai Kung Ha Holistic Fitness Center in 2000. He enjoys a simple life of solitude and quiettude, and continues to research, practice and teach the natural Taoist arts to promote natural healing. 

People with one-sided view know only beauty, they do not realize that ugliness is what establishes beauty.
​People who recognize only what is good do not know that without the bad, good cannot be.
People who are possessive do not realize that there can be no possession without non-possession.
Do not the long and short, the high and low, the front and rear make each other recognizable?
Do sound and silence not follow each other?
​Therefore, do things without becoming possessive. Give without expecting to receive.
Achieve without claiming credit. This is your Way to integral and eternal.
​When you try to stop activity to achieve passitivity, your very effort fills you with activities.
​As long as you remain in one extreme or the other, you will never know oneness.